Private hire terms & conditions

Private Hire Terms and Conditions

The booking is accepted by the Bromsgrove Bus & Coach Company Limited (trading as Bromsgrove Bus & Coach Company), herein referred to as ‘the Company’, under the following conditions of hire:

1. Should a vehicle be detained by the hirer, or be taken on a longer journey than contracted for, the Company reserves the right to make a proportional additional charge.

2. The Company does not guarantee to complete any journey in any given time and will not be accountable for any loss or inconvenience which may arise from the delay or detention of any vehicle from any cause whatsoever.

3. Unless stated, it should not be assumed that any vehicle will remain at the destination until the time for the return journey.

4. The route used, unless the hirer has advised of a particular route or places to be passed en route which will be specified on the confirmation letter, will be at the discretion of the Company and / or the driver.

5. All quotations are conditional upon a vehicle or vehicles of the type mentioned being available for the date required at the time of acceptance.

6. In the event of any riots, civil commotion, strike, lockout or stoppage or restraint of labour from whatever cause or the happening of any event over which the Company has no control, the Company reserves the right to cancel any booking which, in the opinion of the Company, thereby becomes impossible of performance and to refund the hirer any deposit paid in full settlement of all claims of the hirer in respect of such cancellations.

7. The Company reserves the right to sub-contract the journey to an alternative Company and / or to provide an equal or greater size / grade of vehicle than specified.

8. With the exception of approved credit account customers, all hire charges become payable in full fourteen calendar days prior to the date of hire.

9. If the hire is cancelled within seven calendar days prior to the date of hire, the Company may apply cancellation charges according to the following scale: • 8 days or more – No charge • 4 to 7 days – 40% of the hire charge • 1 to 3 days – 60% of the hire charge • On the day of hire – 100% of the hire charge

10. The Company will not accept any liability for damage, injury or loss, for any passenger entering or leaving a vehicle whilst it is in motion.

11. The Company will not be liable for any damage to, or loss of personal property left in vehicles.

12. Under PCV regulations, no passengers in excess of the seating capacity of the vehicle will be carried. A child counts as a passenger.

13. The consumption of alcohol on the hired vehicle is expressly forbidden and the driver is authorised to refuse to carry a person who is, in his or her opinion, the worse for alcohol. PCV regulations prohibit the carriage of alcohol on vehicles carrying passengers to and from certain sporting events.

14. The hirer undertakes to abide by all Statutory requirements and regulations which may in any way affect the journey in question and especially the regulation in respect of Drivers Working / Rest hours. Drivers are familiar with these regulations and whilst they will confirm to the reasonable requests of passengers (as the reasonableness of which the driver alone shall be the judge), they will, as far as circumstances permit, depart from the departure point or from the intermediate stopping places at the times agreed beforehand (or specified by the driver) and, to ensure compliance with the regulations will, on no account, wait for members of the party who may have failed to join the vehicle at the time so appointed. The Company will not be responsible for any inconvenience or damage arising from the failure to convey any such member or members of the party.

15. The governing law for these conditions shall be the laws of England. Edition dated December 2012.